Elvira ‘t Hart 28-06-88

2008- 2011 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam -Bachelor of Fashion Design
2007- 2008 Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam
2006- 2007 Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen
2005 ARTEZ, Arnhem -Foundation Course
2000- 2006 Stedelijk Gymnasium, Nijmegen -Cultuur Maatschappij

Most of my work is inspired by 'drawing' or literally is a drawing.

"This adventure started as a job search. Graduated in Fashion/Art with a limited portfolio I figured my chances of finding a design job in fashion were almost non existing. With this in mind, hoping to expand my chances in search of a job, I gave myself a year to work on my portfolio.

In this year I developed the concept where most of my work is based on.
It started with a drawing of a jacket I had fallen in love with. It was this jacket I wanted to execute and I mean -exactly this jacket- without having to compromise on the drawn characteristics.
I looked for ways to get this jacket off the paper and ended up literally drawing the jacket. I sketched the jacket how I thought it should look and fit around a body and cut these patterns out by laser.

The end result is a drawn jacket with all the characteristics of a sketch: lines that end abruptly or go over the borders of the jacket and parts that are not colored in completely.
The jacket falls apart in lines or if you like, it rises up out of the drawn lines. Still it is recognizable as a jacket. This is what I find attractive in drawings and sketches. The image doesn't have to be complete to give an idea of what is depicted. I find a quick sketch often much more interested to look at, there is something left for the imagination.

The first pieces I executed was this 'Drawn Jacket' and the 'Drawn Scarf'. I posted the pictures on Facebook and that was it. Not long after I sold the first pieces after which I was able to execute some more designs. Slowly, after each sale my collection 'Wearable Drawings' grew.
The same year my 'Drawn Bra' was worn by Lady Gaga and I was invited to show my work on fashion fairs in Milan and Paris. Since then I haven't stopped working.

It may be confusing and I have been asked many times: “Is it fashion, is it art? Is it a real garment or is it a drawing?”
I hope to make both. Hence the title of my first work: 'Wearable Drawings'.
I'd like to make interesting pieces that belong as much in a closet as well as being framed on the wall like an artwork.

My work has been featured in several exhibitions. In 2016 the 'Drawn Jacket' was featured in the exhibition #Techstyle in Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Beside these exhibitions, I still enjoy making jackets and many other designs for clients all over the world."