DRAWN JACKET - Collection ‘Wearable Drawings’, 2014 Drawing of a jacket cut out by laser. Nappa plongé leather
Jacket was drawn on paper, scanned and digitally traced. All characteristics of the drawing are kept in the final jacket.

Same design has been featured in the #Techstyle exhibition in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.



DRAWN SCARF - Collection ‘Wearable Drawings’, 2014 Drawing of a scarf cut out by laser. Lamb napp



DRAWN BRA - Collection ‘Wearable Drawings’, 2014 Bra with drawn lasercut straps. Nappa plongé leather, polyester.



1. CROPPED T-SHIRT - Collection ‘Wearable Drawings’, 2014 Nappa plongé leather

2. DRAWN CROPTOP - Collection ‘Wearable Drawings’, 2014 Nappa plongé leather, polyester



1. Concept Dress - 2013 Left the drawing it is inspired on. Cotton bonded on silk organza

2. Scribbled skirt- Collection ‘Wearable Drawings’, 2014 Lasercut drawing. Nappa plongé leather, cotton jersey lining



SKIRT 17-3 - Sketches 2017 Skirt with drawn hem line, zipper in back. Imitation suede



Sketches 2017 Mixed media Each garment from the mini collection ‘Sketches 2017’ is accompanied by an illustration - or the other way around: The garments started as illustrations.



1. DRESS 12-15 - 2015
Triacetate 2. T-SHIRT 09-14 - 2014 T-shirt with drawn sleeves. Washable nappa leather, silk


JACKET 17-4 Jacket with drawn front panels, cut out by laser. Slit in back.
Grey jacket: Imitation suede, Right: Nappa plongé leather


T-SHIRT 15-15 - 2015 Triacetate, polyeste


SILK DRESSES - 2015 Two different weights of silk bonded to make parts of the dresses transparent

4 BLAZERS - 2015 Parts of the jackets are split open, another color fabric becomes visible.
Different colors of flannel layered and bonded.

DISTRESSED DRAWN JACKET - 2016 Nappa plongé leather, lasercut and treated by hand to give a distressed look.

DRAWN JACKET 1-16 - 2016 A similar design as the ‘Drawn Jacket’ from the 2014 collection. Different, slightly less detailed drawing.

LEATHER BLAZER 03-15 - 2015 Hemline falls apart in lines, split in back. Nappa plongé leather

DRESS, colored in - 2016 - nappa leather This dress is colored in around the body. Everytime the marker lost contact with the  ‘paper’ it created a new line segment. These separate lines became the patterns of the dress. Just like when coloring lines overlap eachother or parts are not colored in completely.


BOMBERJACKET - 2016 Nappa leather, cut by laser. CLUTCH - 2016 Nappa leather, cut by laser.

CONCEPT DRESS - 2016 Dress attached to the wall. Nappa leather, cut out by laser.

CONCEPT DRESS - 2017 A red hot melting dress. Acrylic paint on bamboo jersey

Outfit with Trenchcoat - 2017 Sheepskin leahter

Random sketches

Visually the same, 5 different executions - 2011

Left print of abstract pleats, Right form x contraform

Print of abstract pleats 

Optical illusion of a collar and pleated print of pleats

Study of a collar

Left: normal collar
Right: optical illusion of a collar

Spray painted collar on a moulage

Rolled sleeve spray painted and unrolled

Two dimensional / print of sleeves

Dress torn open / one big dart to give the dress shape - 2010

Sketches of torn open garment layers, each torn layer makes another layer visible - 2010

Shape by melting. Controlled melting gives the garments shape and flexible pleats. - 2010

Melted sleeve, pleats made by melting are still flexible. - 2010

FORM - CONTRAFORM, executing the contraform.

Darts and seams partially turned inside out.